TAMA Releases New Round Module Wrap Poster

As was discussed at some of the gin schools and other places, TAMA, the manufacturer of the wrap that John Deere Round Module pickers use for seedcotton modules has developed an indicator that will help with proper cut locations. Since the wrap was first introduced, there has been some consternation as to where the plastic needs to be cut or not cut to minimize the plastic contamination from the tail or loose non-tacky wrap.

TAMA has introduced a cut indicator on the tape that connects the inner wrap and the outer wrap. This cut line shows through the outter wrap. It indicates that you should cut no closer than three feet beyond the line and indicates the direction with arrows. This essentially shows where NOT to cut.

Additionally, TAMA has developed posters in both English and Spanish that can be downloaded here  by clicking on the version below. The posters should help your employees understand where to cut or not cut on both the new wraps and the old wraps. Please download the posters and put them in a prominent location near your module opening areas. Give us a call if you have questions.