Cotton Ginners Handbook – 2016

The Cotton Ginners Handbook has been published by the USDA for a long time. The last official USDA publication was in 1997. As the USDA was not going to publish a printed version going forward, the Authors and USDA jointly worked to get these in print form via the Journal of Cotton Science published by the National Cotton Council. These are official USDA documents but published by the JCS beginning in 2016.

Not all of the sections are approved yet. A few are still awaiting USDA approval. Until the NCC gets these updated, we wanted to make the published sections available to our members.

Please Let us know if you have questions. (These are in no particular order)

Introduction – Ed Hughs, Managing Editor
Development of the Cotton Gin – Hughs et at.
Seed Cotton Unloading Systems – Funk and Wanjura
Gin Pneumatic Conveying Systems – Whitelock et al.
Saw Gin Stands – Hughs, Holt and Rutherford
Gin Process Control – Pelletier et al.
Gin Maintenance Program – Funk and Hardin
Cotton Seed Air Handling and Storage – H. Ashley et al.
Classification of Cotton – Delhom et al.
Harvesting – Wanjura, Baker and Barnes
Moisture Measurement – Pelletier and Byler
OSHA Noise Regulations and Ag Including Gins – Wakelyn and Green
Energy Utilization – Paul Funk and Robert Hardin
Textile Industry Needs – Chris Delhom et al.
Effects of Gin Machinery on Cotton Quality – Robert G Hardin et al.