Southeast Gin News

Harvest Catching Up

Good weather has allowed producers in the region to make good progress harvesting a very late crop. According to the USDA Crop Progress report released Nov. 18, for the week ending Nov. 17, Alabama producers are ahead of the five year average progress while the rest of the region is still a week to two weeks behind their average. This is good news for the gins in the region who have been eagerly waiting for this crop. Some gins were as much as a month or more late getting started. With the progress being made in the last couple weeks, most gins are reporting running 24/7. The full crop progress report is linked to here.

Historic Cotton Gin Mfg Building Getting New Rooof

The old Continental Gin Machinery building in downtown Prattville, AL is getting a new roof. According to an article in the Montgomery Advertiser, the five buildings making up the old manufacturing complex have been falling into disrepair since Continental ceased manufacture in Prattville. The historic buildings some of which date back to 1854 are getting a new roof over the next few months courtesy of the Historic Prattville Restoration Authority. According to the article, several investors are looking at the old buildings and property for various uses including loft apartments. No plans have been settled but as a former Prattville resident myself, I’m glad to see the old buildings not being allowed to collapse. Please read more in this article.

Georgia Cotton and Member Gin Profiled on Albany, GA Television

Worth Gin and the regions cotton crop were profiled on WALB recently. The article and video show the gin and Association member Gil Haskins as the background for the story on the impact of cotton to the South Georgia economy and the state. The whole article and video can be found Here.