Senate Passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The Senate has passed S. 744 the much anticipated Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. The 1200 page bill passed by a 68-32 margin. The vote was mostly down party lines with an estimated 14 Republicans voting for and no Democrats voting against. The actual vote roll call will be linked to when it is available.

The measure now moves to the House. The nearly 70 vote clear majority is hoped will send a message to the House that it should pick up the bill and pass Immigration reform this by the end of the year. It is still unclear if the House will actually pick up the Senate bill or will move a comprehensive reform bill of their own. A third option will be for the House to take up individual portions of immigration reform and pass them as separate disconnected bills. All of these are possible. The House’s own Gang of Eight is reported to be bringing a comprehensive bill forward but no solid details have been leaked. Meanwhile several committees have been holding hearings on individual immigration reform measures. It may not be until September before we know which way the House is going.

Stay Tuned