Reminder… New OSHA Rule Deadline Approaching

Earlier this year we reported on a new OSHA rule that requires employers to report, electronically, injury and illness data for the previous year. Included in the rule is a provision that requires employers to have a “reasonable procedure for reporting injuries and illnesses”. While the effective date for the electronic reporting provisions isn’t until next year, the “reasonable procedures” provision has a deadline of August 10 of this year.

By Aug. 10, employers must have established a reasonable procedure for reporting accidents and injuries and must inform your employees of this procedure. OSHA considers anything that would deter or penalize an employee from reporting an injury to be unreasonable. everything from requiring drug testing to disciplinary action for late reporting are also considered unreasonable.

OSHA hasn’t detailed, so far, what constitutes ‘informing’ employees of the procedure but at some point by Aug 10, we would recommend that you establish your procedures and letting your current employees know verbally at a safety program and build it into your new hire training. Additionally, you would probably be well served by making a poster with the notice and post it with the rest of your posters.

As part of this rule-making OSHA has released a new poster. I can be found here. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REPLACE YOUR CURRENT POSTER. You can if you would like download and print it yourself or order direct from OSHA by following the link above. Give us a call or talk to Andy on his next visit if you have questions.