OSHA Delays Electronic Reporting Deadline by Two Weeks

Late last week OSHA announced a delay of the Electronic Reporting of the OSHA 300’s for two weeks. The delay, officially announced on November 22, extends the deadline for sending the information for calendar year 2016 until December 15.

Last week, in this blog, we reminded members that the requirement to send the OSHA 300A summary data had not been modified since their proposed rules changes in July. This extension makes no other changes to the rule but rumors are that any additional change will take the form of not making the information public. That was our largest issue with the rule to begin with.

Please refer to THIS ARTICLE for more details on how to report with links to OSHA’s Site on the subject. As of now, there are a handful of State Plan states (where OSHA responsibilities are handled by state agencies) that have not adopted the reporting rule. In the Southeast, South Carolina is the only state that has not adopted the electronic reporting rule. According the SC OSHA site, employers in SC are not required to send their information to OSHA.

This rule is sure to change again so please keep up with the Blog or other sources to stay on top of these changes.