OSHA 300’s in the News Again

Well, it’s May. Time to finally pull your OSHA 300a’s off the bulletin board. You DID have your 300’s up the full three months didn’t you? OSHA requires you to maintain 5 years of OSHA 300 forms in your files as a record of past injuries and illnesses.

Starting last year, OSHA began collecting those 300A data electronically. Larger employers and those in a number of high risk industries, including much of agriculture, were required to submit your data for the 2016 calendar year by Dec 2017. This year the date is moved up to July 1. You should be able to submit your data at any time. Remember this is dat for the 2017 Calendar year. The Injury Track Application or ITA website has a lot of good information on how to start. Almost all gins should have sent in their data last year but there are changes for this year

Last year, state plan states such as SC didn’t have to submit their OSHA 300A data because the States had not adopted the rule. This year, OSHA has clarified that ALL facilities, regardless of the state they are located in are required to submit their OSHA 300A data. OSHA made that clarification late last week in a press release. This information is also on the ITA site.

Take a few minutes this week and see if  you have  your five years of OSHA 300 forms including the 300 and 300A. Please give me or Andy a call if you have any questions.