NEW I-9 Published

On July 21 the USCIS announced the development of a new form I-9 Employment Eligibility Form. All new hires or re-hires after November 1, 2023 must use the new form. The previous form has an expiration date of October 2022 can be used until October 31. You can begin using the new I-9 TODAY, August 1, 2023.

The new form is now only one page and is expected to be simpler for both employers and employees. There is also new instructions for the new form and the ability to use the new form with E-Verify if you have ‘remote’ employees. While this last bit isn’t necessarily the most important for cotton gins, we wanted to make you aware of it just in case.

The new I-9 form can be found by going to . Please follow that link to download the new form, instructions and M-274 Handbook. All are supposed to be smaller than before.

The new form is for new hires, re-hires and re-verification. The re-verification process is supposed to be clearer and easier to understand which and when certain documents need to be re-verified.

More information on the new form can be found at the I-9 Central page. The M-274 Manual is LONGER and has specific instructions for H-2A employers and continues to contain language that Seasonal Workers are considered continued employment. This is only if the employee leaves solely because the work ran out and came back when the work returned. Otherwise, you need to fill a new I-9 or use the re-verification section, Supplement B (Formerly Section 3).