NCC Develops Additional Contamination Prevention Material

This week the National Cotton Council is releasing a video on plastic contamination. The video which is broken into chapters addresses many of the aspects of plastic contamination from the field through the gin. Many of the chapters are directed toward producers and a few are directed toward gins.

We would recommend that you view the video and distribute the link or the video to your producers. We understand the National Cotton Council will be sending materials and the video directly to gins across the country to help spread the word that contamination prevention requires effort from all parts of the raw cotton community. Producers, Ginners, harvesters, gin employees, service technicians etc.

You can view the video here. Additional contamination prevention information and materials can be found on the NCC Contamination Prevention site. As we move into this season, many gins are having customer meetings or visits with producers. This would be a great opportunity to get this information to them.

Look for additional information in the mail as we get closer to the harvest starting.