>NC Cotton Crop Mixed Following Irene

>Many of the reports coming out of eastern North Carolina are mixed. Articles such as the one below and calls to some of our gins are giving us similar reports…a mixed bag. Most feel that the tobacco crop has really taken it on the chin but the cotton crop is salvageable but vulnerable.

Low lying areas are having trouble draining which is to be expected with some areas getting more than a foot of rain. Many of our members with many hurricanes under their belts have pretty well agree that no two hurricanes are the same. This one’s kicker was the way it slowed so much as it crossed into the sound letting the wind blow from essentially one direction for hours and hours. Most feel that there will be some losses but most are not willing to put a number on it yet.
With several gins suffering some minor damage and power taking upward of a week to come back in some areas, the ginners we spoke with are focusing on repairs and preparation for the crop rather than guessing at the losses. Most feel that if the cotton was open or cracked, hard lock will be real issue. With a lot of the crop blown down, it really needs sunshine and dry weather. As I am writing this, the area is under the threat of severe weather spawned by another tropical system, Lee.

The article below has a good evaluation of the crop situation in eastern NC including other crops beside cotton. We’ll update as the picture gets clearer.