Keep Your Workers Safe

Historically, the last week or two in October and the first week or so of November are the most dangerous time for our employees. We’ve already had one reportable accident this season when a brand new and properly trained employee put his hand in a lint cleaner before it was done coasting down.

Many gins are having a LOT of trouble finding second crews or enough employees to run two shifts. We’ve also heard reports of a large number of inexperienced workers being put on this year. Many gins are putting crews of local workers on for the first time in many years.

This is when we really need to pay attention to our training procedures. Please do your best to make sure your employees know and understand the work rules. Make sure they are properly trained to do their job and not to help on any job unless asked to help and then only do what is directed.

Last season was a very good year for accidents in the SE. It can be done but now is the time to really pay particular attention to the training and supervision of your seasonal people.

Lets have a Safe Season.