JCIBPC Approves Test Programs

At its hybrid annual meeting, the Joint Cotton Industry Bale Packaging Committee (JCIBPC), chaired by Chris Berry, a Texas ginner, granted three requests for continued testing of packaging products.

PAC Strapping was granted approval to continue its compatibility testing of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) strap on patented p-weld friction technology® systems. Signode was granted approval to begin their first-year compatibility testing of PET strap on the Dubose Strapping System. L.P. Brown’s light-weight cotton bale bag also was approved for continued testing.

PAC Strapping’s fifth-year PET compatibility test was granted a “JCIBPC determination” in order for bales in the test program to be deemed “deliverable” in accordance with Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Cotton No. 2® rules.

The Committee also approved the revised 2022 Cotton Bale Packaging Specifications, which included adding transparent light blue (Pantone 306C) as an additional approved color for PE film bagging and removing GinFast bags from the Bagging and Tie Code table.

(reprinted from the Cotton’s Week – Feb 25, 2022)