In Case You Missed It

Earlier today, the NCC hosted a couple webinars to learn more about the changes to the Farm Bill and the inclusion of seed cotton in Title I for the remainder of the current (2014) farm bill. Today’s webinars were mostly for the farmers and gins in the Southeast and the remainder will be geared toward those in other regions. Information on the Webinars can be found in our earlier post FOUND HERE.

All fo the slides and spreadsheets discussed on the webinars are being posted on the National Cotton Council’s page on the Farm Bill Changes. In addition to the webinar information, slides, and spreadsheet. Many of the questions asked by participants and those that come in by other means will also be added and updated regularly in the form of an FAQ or Frequently asked questions. That page is found here: NCC Farm Program Information.

If you missed the webinar today or tomorrow, there will be one additional chance to watch the live webinar. Next Monday February 26. Please see our earlier post for additional call-in and log-in information.The webinar will ultimately be recorded and added to the council’s YouTube page. We will also add it this Blog as possible.