>Immigration Reform May NOT Move This Year

>Today, President Obama admitted that Comprehensive Immigration Reform may not move this year despite efforts in the Senate to get it moving. Sen Lindsey Graham has said publicly that the immigration measure they have been crafting is not ready to move forward and won’t be without Republican Support.

President Obama instead has indicated that Congress has had a long year and the Administration will instead focus on border security measures. Additionally, Democrats in Congress have presented a new outline that they say contains a number of topics that are more Republican in their derivation. Chief among these are securing our borders.

The topic was thought dead until the new Arizona immigration law was signed just a few days ago and Sen. Majority Leader Reid promised to bring CIR to the floor by the end of the year. The big shocker was that he said he’d do it before any climate change legislation was passed.

The Administration hasn’t been that set on getting CIR done this year but has said it is taking a long hard look a the Arizona law.