House Passes a Farm Bill – Farm Bill

“Lets pass a Farm Bill Farm Bill”…. That’s the was the way House Ag Committee Chair Lucas referred to the Farm Bill without SNAP in his closing remarks during the debate on final passage. The stand alone Farm Bill. HR 2642 came to the Rules Committee Wednesday evening. The bill which is just over 600 pages in length is nearly identical to that which failed on June 20 including amendments with the exception of amendments dealing with SNAP.

The Farm Bill also contains one additional amendment that would make the 2013 Farm Program permanent Law replacing the previous permanent 1938 and 1949 laws. This means as I understand it, that the bill will be a 5 yr bill but at the end of that time, it will not HAVE to be revised.

We will link to roll call vote as available but understand that no Democrats voted for the bill and more than 10 Republicans voted against. Final Vote was 216-208.