Have You Posted Your OSHA 300 Yet?

Have you posted your OSHA 300 yet? All gins should have the OSHA 300 forms posted in a conspicuous place by now. These forms are to be put up no later than February 1 each year and stay posted until April 30. If you haven’t gotten it up, now is a good time to get it done.

The OSHA 300 is the annual summary of injuries and illnesses at a business. All recordable injuries for calendar year 2012 are to be in the log and the summary posted. This is one of the most commonly cited OSHA violations each year and should be one of the easiest to avoid.

The 300 log can be downloaded from the OSHA site at www.osha.gov/recordkeeping. Before posting the form, make sure it has been reviewed for completeness and signed by a responsible individual. The instructions for the form are included when you download the 300 as well as on the cite itself. You only need to post the form, not send it in to OSHA normally. If you receive a written request to send OSHA a copy of your data, please let us know. Only a few gins get selected to report each year.

Don’t hesitate to call Barry or myself if you have questions about this posting and recordkeeping.