H-2A Adverse Effect Wage Rates for 2023

The USDA NASS released the Farm Labor Survey last week. The survey is used by the Department of Labor to determine the AEWR’s for the next year. The National Council of Ag Employers have taken the survey and ESTIMATED the next round of AEWR’s. The changes are NOT FINAL but give us an idea of what to expect based on the data released. The new wages are normally official in mid-December and effective near the first of the year.

Remember if you’re an H-2A employer, you will likely have to pay the new AEWR after the effective date of the AEWR’s in late December (we will let you know when published). This could apply for those of you ginning late into the month of December.

We wanted to let you see what to expect for next year and get you prepared for the changes. Some states have huge increases and others are modest. Remember these are not final and could change a little when finalized.

State20222023 EstimatePct Change
North Carolina14.1614.915.3%
South Carolina11.9913.6714%
US Average15.5616.626.8%
Estimated Changes to AEWR for H-2A program