Ginning Wet Cotton

recommendations-for-handling-seedcotton-exposed-to-excessive-rainfallThis publication was written back in 2001 but I think the recommendations are still good. Please take a few minutes to download and read the accompanying article. The Stoneville Gin Lab put this together in response to several issues back then but it seems we need to pull this article out just about every year for some part of the region. Much of the region is experiencing near perfect harvest conditions for cotton (not so much for peanuts) but hurricane Matthew has everyone’s attention. As of this writing, there is some question as to the amount and duration of rainfall on open cotton. Wind is always an issue with tropical systems but more of a long term impact to ginning is the condition of the fiber.

With the round modules, if the cotton is in good condition, it can take a lot of wind and rain if placed in good locations. If they harvest it wet, they will need to be monitored closely for heat and ginned as quickly as possible. Traditional modules should be moved to higher ground if possible and tarped well if possible.

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