Gin School Right Around the Corner

The National Cotton Ginners Association and USDA Gin Labs work together each year to put on several ginning schools across the country. The third and final school for 2019 will be in Stoneville, MS from June 4th through the 6th. This is the closest school to the SE each year. Many manufacturers and designers as well as researchers and experts in regulatory and safety issues will be on hand to give the attendees presentations on a number of topics.

This year there will once again be three levels of school covering various levels of experience and detail. Level one is the most basic and is designed for those that are just beginning in the process. Level two is an intermediate level and level three is the most advanced. Most of the levels require the previous level to attend. There is also a continuing education session for two of the three days which typically goes into a few topics a bit more in depth.

Several years ago, the National Cotton Ginners Association established the Certified Ginner Program. This program certifies that a candidate has gone through all three levels and passed a written exam as well as had letters written by other ginners attesting to their competence and taken a first aid course as well. Many ginners across the country have gone through this process and attained the certified ginner status.

The registration for the gin school in Stoneville is open right now. We encourage you to sign up your employees and/or yourself for this school. It is very important that we have a well educated workforce for our industry to continue to survive. Please go to to get more information and registration.