Georgia Safety Round Tables in the age of Covid

Josh White, AgriTrust of Georgia leads a discussion on tarp rollers.

The AgriTrust of Georgia and Southeastern Cotton Ginners have collaborated on “Safety Round Tables” since 2012. Normally, 200+ gin employees from around the state of Georgia come together to learn from each other. The point of the Round Tables has been to facilitate exchange of ideas on how they handle certain scenarios in a gin.

This year, we thought it would be not so good to get together in person so we brought a handful of ginners together to do something similar. Lots of hand sanitizer was dispersed and a social distancing was maintained where possible through most of a day’s worth of filming.

The final product will be distributed to the ginners of Georgia and affidavits will be sent back to AgriTrust for their credit. We will forward these names to the National Cotton Ginners Association for Continuing Education credits for Certified Ginners.

If you’re a Georgia gin, watch for these videos to show up in coming weeks. We are pleased to help the AgriTrust put this event on for the ninth time.