Forklift Safety is No Laughing Matter

Well I think just about everyone is finished ginning for the year and some are beginning repairs. This means moving equipment around the gin and often that means with a lift truck. All of your lift truck drivers should be well trained. Take the time to do it right. Day to day operation of a lift truck at a gin is usually a very safe  endeavor but repair time short cuts get taken that shouldn’t. Please remind your employees that lift trucks have an intended purpose and specifications for that purpose. Use of a lift truck outside of that is often a violation of the mfg warranty and a violation of OSHA rules and regs.

I’m linking to a video below. It has several examples of lift truck work gone horribly wrong. Most are just property damage and funny but some had obvious employee injuries as well. Please take a few minutes to watch and learn. It might not hurt to share with your supervisors as well.