Don’t Forget the New I-9

Back in March, we posted the new highly anticipated I-9 Form. The new form was introduced on March 8 and had to be in use by May 8. Just to repeat ALL EM


PLOYERS MUST USE THE NEW FORM STARTING MAY 8, 2013. So you will all need to have the new form on hand for any new hires.

There are some issues that you might want to get a refresher on so I would like to recommend a webinar by Tommy Eden from the Constangy, Brooks and Smith law firm. Tommy is in the Auburn, AL area and the recorded webinar is co-hosted by the Executive Director of the Alabama chapter of the NFIB, Rosemary Elebash. The webinar is directed at the Alabama employer so there are some references to Alabama specific laws but it is a very good educational resource for the new I-9 form in terms we can all understand.

You can find the Webinar Here.

The new form is similar to the old form with more instructions and the downloadable PDF is actually a form you can fill out on the computer if you wish. Additionally the new form has a new handbook to accompany it. The new handbook is about 70 pages. It can be downloaded from the website below as well. So that means a 2 page form has 7 pages of instructions and a 70 page handbook. I think we need that webinar refresher course on the I-9 form.

All the forms can be found on the USCIS page at USCIS I-9 Page.