>Alabama Immigration Webinar Tomorrow

>The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries is sponsoring a webinar tomorrow, Friday, October  14th from 10am to 1pm CDT. The webinar will cover many topics in a bit of detail.

1. Do’s and Don’t for employers under the new immigration law.
2. Enrollment in the E-Verify
3. I-9 Supervisor Training and tips.

In short this webinar will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about hiring new employees in Alabama. It looks to be a very comprehensive webinar.

The webinar will originate at the extension headquarters in Auburn and there are several options to view the webinar. The first is to contact your local extension office. Most are going to be carrying the webinar live, but check before going over to the office.

The second way to view is to go to http://www.aces.edu/go/195. This link will be live approximately 9:45 the day of the webinar. You can test your browser and connection early by going to http://www.aces.edu/go/148. This is for testing only not the webinar itself.

Finally. The webinar will be archived and will be viewable at any time at the same http://www.aces.edu/go/195 site. This will stay up for some time.

We understand this is a very busy time for most ginners but we hope you will take the time to watch the webinar and we’d like to thank the Department and Extension for putting this webinar on for agriculture.