State Meeting Highlights

Several of our members we not able to attend the State Unit Meetings earlier this month We have been asked to put the material presented online. By Following the links below we hope to guide you to the PowerPoints, videos and other materials made available at these meetings.

Dusty Findley gave a presentation reminding ginners about the importance of moisture control and the maximum bale moisture content for cotton. He also discussed the importance of contamination prevention and how foreign matter is an issue we cannot let our guard down about. His presentation can be found here:

Contamination and Moisture Slides

Barry Nevius next showed a video from the National Cotton Ginners Association regarding the hazards of ginning and handling the John Deere round modules. The video is available through the National Cotton Ginners Association as a DVD. You can follow the link below. You may need a password which is the same as your National Cotton Council login.

Watch the Video Online Here:

Order this and all other NCGA Videos Direct Here:

Dusty next discussed the importance of a comprehensive safety program. Now is the perfect time to review each gins safety practices and a good time to see if it conforms to the Injury and Illness Prevention Program or I2P2. I2P2 is a new, highly flexible, way to configure and look at safety programs. Dusty’s presentation reviews the 6 elements outlined in I2P2. Many gins already have safety programs that would require little if any changes to incorporate the elements. Others need a safety program and this is a great format to look at. His presentation can be found below.

I2P2 Presentation

Finally Mr. Nevius gave an overview of the importance of safety program and one thing that nearly all gins could improve on…control of hazardous energy. This is known as LockoutTagout but really involves all types of control of energy. His presentation can be found below:

Safety Update Fall 2014:

Other materials available at the meetings:


I-9 Handbook for Employers

Contamination Prevention

Moisture Control

John Deere: Ginning Round Modules

Ginners Practical Guide for Compliance with Employment Law

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call us at the Association headquarters.