Clayton Lowder – 1936-2020

There are a few true “Characters” that have crossed my path in the years I’ve been working in the cotton business. Few rise to the level that Clayton Lowder did. Clayton retired from the gin business many years ago but anyone that was ginning in the southeast prior to the mid-2000’s knew his name. And if they didn’t know when they met him, they learned how to say Oswego and where it was.

Clayton had a way about him that you knew where you stood. He was supportive and direct at the same time. There are few that love the organizations they are involved with like Clayton did. No matter whether a grower or a ginner or church organization, if Clayton thought it was worth his time, you got his full attention.

Clayton is the only person to be president of both Southern Cotton Growers and Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association. He was also ginner of the year in 1994. Clayton was unique and I mean that in the best way possible. He loved life, he loved his family, he loved farming and he loved Clemson. His love of cotton ran closely with his love of Clemson and his love of baseball. Clayton passed away on Monday. He will be missed. Much more information in the obituary below. Our prayers and sympathies go to his family.