Gin Safety Training 3-Day Seminar (Train the Trainer)

Southeastern Cotton Ginners started these seminars to answer a need. We operate forklifts, and mobile elevated platforms in our operations every year. If any of these activities fall outside of actual ginning, they could be considered General Industry activities and NOT agriculture under OSHA. General Industry Rules and Regs under OSHA have very particular standards on training and operation of these vehicles. In response, we began to develop a train-the-trainer program with Safe Workforce Development in Watkinsville, GA.

For practically the same cost, we expanded the training to include A LOT MORE. Not only is there Train-the-Trainer on MEP’s and PIT’s but also Lockout Tagout, Fall Protection, Recognizing hazards and a lot more. Space is LimitedOnly 25 participants per session. Open to all Southeastern Ginners.

Who Should Attend?

These courses are designed for the front-line supervisor. Not necessarily the manager (although they may be one-in-the-same). The people responsible for training fork lift drivers, bale squeeze drivers, boom lift drivers, scissor lift drivers. This is who should attend. Anyone that is looked at to set an example and to train others to do things safely. Ginners from all six of the Southeastern states are welcome.

What is Covered?

OSHA Rules and Regulations: While cotton gins are considered agriculture and limited in the number of standards that apply directly, construction activities (remodel, rebuild, etc.) and warehouse activities are NOT agriculture. All the OSHA rules apply to these parts of our activities every year. Participants will learn what that means but definitely NOT death by powerpoint.
Lockout-Tagout: The instructors with Safe Workforce Development have put together good practical information on electrical safety and a hands-on demonstration board for practicing what is learned in the classroom. The participants will get a chance to ‘play’ with stuff to put what they learn to good use.
Fall Protection: The participants will learn about fall protection including working and walking surfaces, proper harness fit and usage, proper ladder use and more.
Train-the-Trainer: With construction and warehouse work being “General Industry” work, operators of things like scissor lifts, boom lifts and fork lifts should be properly trained. This requires a ‘competent person’ to do the training. Our program will give the participants all the training and tools necessary to be that competent person.
More: There will be plenty of time to swap stories and see pictures of unsafe conditions in gins that we’ve come across over the years.


Southeastern Cotton Ginners has partnered with Safe Workforce Development out of Watkinsville, GA to develop this program. SWD is bringing two instructors to provide the bulk of the training. Their instructors have years of experience in general industry, construction and agricultural safety work.


The cost for this program will be $325 per participant for Members and $500 for Non-Members. Participants receive a binder with all materials printed as well as a thumb drive with all forms and materials for printing multiple copies at their facility.

Dates and Locations:


April 25-27

Associated Cotton Growers Gin
15031Browns Ferry Road
Athens, AL 35611

Cost: $325

Click Here for Tentative AL Syllabus

North Carolina

May 9-11

Holiday Inn – Greenville, NC
203 SW Greenville Blvd,
Greenville NC, 27834

Cost: $325

Click Here for Tentative NC Syllabus