>SSA Resumes No-Match Letters

>The Social Security Agency recently resumed sending notifications to employers regarding name and social security mis-matches. The practice known as no-match letters was discontinued in 2007 following the Department of Homeland Security’s rules regarding the use of these letters as “proof” of employing illegal aliens was overturned by the courts.

The law firm of Fisher and Phillips has more information on the new letters by following this link. There are apparently very few instructions as to what to do once you get these letters. If you receive such a letter you should follow the
instructions exactly. You are not obligated to respond to these letters and it seems that if you do respond, those responses may be used by ICE in the future.  You should, though, document any and all activity you take if you receive a letter. ICE routinely asks for any correspondence from SSA such as these no-match letters.

If you receive a no-match letter, please let us know so we can see the exact language that is being sent to gins. There will be more of this topic to come in the future.