Responses to Survey… So far.

We have just a handful of responses but I wanted to share the things our members are doing to help protect their employees and others during this Coronavirus Emergency. BTW according to the responses so far, gins in the SE have donated over 8,000 masks to help combat the spread in medical facilities. WAY TO GO!!!!

To help stop the spread from the outside world

  • Office has been closed. Office employees only allowed in office.
  • We have locked the doors to the office. Truck drivers call when they get to the door. We take all of their info over the phone. We unlocked the door, and we have an 8ft table separating us. We pass one sheet over for driver to sign for our copy. We’ve shut down outside vendors as well. Only outside folks that can come in or are supposed to come in at this point are truck drivers.
  • Employees only no contact with drivers including paperwork.
  • Doors are locked. Only employees allowed in the facilities unless there is prior approval. Drivers must check in at scale ticket window and do not touch any paperwork that we keep and warehouse crew is alerted as to which truck is getting what load. Window area is lysoled after every driver and hand sanitizer is used.
  • Office limited to employees only doors locked split in two crews come in alternate days all truck drivers are dealt with through window all employees are working separately.
  • We have stopped interacting with truck drivers. They have to call into the office to check in and we fill out their paperwork for them and leave them a copy outside the door. We then tell the warehouse staff which load to put on the truck without them having to have contact with the truckers.
  • Office is locked to the public. Shipping of cotton and seed continues. Cotton – driver calls the office, we fill out his shipping order; make copies and put in mailbox at front door for driver to get or WH mgr takes to him. Driver remains in truck during his visit. Seed – seed truck drivers pull on the scale, call us with load number and other required information; we weigh them in, they get their load, we complete their paperwork (no signature was OK’d by Chickasha) and put in mailbox at front door. Any other business is by appt only.
  • We are not allowing truck drivers inside the office. I meet them outside to sign papers and tell them where to go to be loaded.
  • We have stopped truckers from coming in the office. We deal with them through a service window and via a speaker that is designed to talk to module truck drivers during the season. We have stopped all salesman from coming into the office. We have designed specific tasks for all personnel so that they maintain distance between them. We’ve subdivided the warehouse and assigned personnel their own forklift and area to pull from so they don’t break social distances.
  • Stopped all traffic into office. Truckers, salesman, delivery drivers, are met outside and paperwork handled at picnic table.
  • Closed except for truck drivers. Ask that drivers remain in the truck except for opening & closing of doors. paperwork transfer only goes one direction.
  • Closed the office to employees only. Limit contact with truck drivers through window at scales.
  • Office doors are locked. All interaction with truck drivers is through the door. Vendors are met outside, none showing up now though.
  • Changed the way we interact with truck drivers that pick up cotton. No vendors or sales people on site.
  • We have locked the office and allow no one in. Truck drivers call the office number, that we have posted on our door, to give the pertinent pickup information. Paperwork is handled by cracking a sliding window in the office.
  • Only open to truck drivers or by appointment
  • No drivers inside office. All paperwork filled outside. Only employees allowed in the office. locked the doors and pass paperwork to drivers through the window

To Help Stop the Spread Between Employees

  • Social Distancing guidelines that the state has put in to place. 6′ apart wash hands 20 Secs
  • We have discussed the virus and importance of social distancing. Warehouse employees are already separated for most part. We have kept our distance within the office. Gin employees are the toughest at this point. We are trying social distancing best we can. But the key team in the gin is still in there making repairs and working. We’ve also stressed the importance of social distancing and avoiding crowds once they leave work and go home.
  • Skeleton crew and implementation of no contact policy.
  • Made sure employees have plenty of hand soap at all washing stations.
  • Alternate work days and separate working areas
  • They have been told to wash their hands frequently and stay apart 6 feet or more if around each other but the majority of our workers are spaced out into different warehouses and are not around each other.
  • Hand sanitizer, soaps, wipes, masks, etc are provided as we have them 1. Office closed to public. Surfaces are wiped down several times per day. 2. WH employees are not within close proximity of each other pulling loads. They have been instructed to wipe down FL and wash hands often. 3. Only two employees in gin working on breakdown. All is working well as long as we can get the supplies we need. Waiting on smaller personal bottles to put hand sanitizer in.
  • Frequent Handwashing & frequent disinfecting door knobs etc.
  • Trying to stay 6’ apart. Encouraging regular hand washing and disinfecting door knobs as often as possible.
  • Split crew into bale warehouse and gin crew. Warehouse crew reports directly to the warehouse and has no contact with the gin other than by phone. No issues so far.
  • Split workers into 2 groups alternating days.
  • No area with more than 6 employees. All employees to maintain distance between themselves. If any signs of any illness, the employee is not allowed to come to work. Frequent hand washing is required and sanitizer is located conveniently for all employees.
  • Eliminated the interaction between employee’s. frequent sanitation of each area. setting up a separate break area and restrooms for each employee. All are working well
  • We are not allowing people to gather in the break room. Frequent hand washing is being encouraged. Warehouse people are separated anyway on their forklifts. The gin crew is working separated as much as possible. Daily checks and reinforcement of the facts concerning the need to social distance and not to be around other people when they are off the job is done by the gin manager. He encourages everyone to do their part.
  • We are on a skeleton crew right now anyway. We are limiting contact between employees and letting them work in different areas.
  • Split shifts, working from home.
  • social distancing