Quick Tip: Staging Cotton in the Field and Yard

We wanted to shoot everyone a quick reminder…

The weather thus far this season has allowed producers to cover a lot of ground. Our trucking situation hasn’t gotten any better so in many places harvesters have gotten fairly far ahead of hauling to the gin. Producers are staging their cotton in the fields or in areas where they are easily accessed which is one of the HUGE benefits of rounds. We’ve known for years if the cotton is harvested dry and put in rounds in a good location they have a much better chance of ginning well even if weather moves in.

Some gins have access to big yards and gin quickly but others do not. This can lead to stacking or staging a lot of cotton in a small area. Many insurance policies have limits on how much (normally dollar amount) cotton can be stacked together without separation. It would be a great time to review these limits and the separation that is required between those groups of modules. Take some time to make sure you understand them and if not, get with your agent. Then contact or check out where your producers are staging cotton to make sure both of you are on the same page.

We hope this short reminder helps.