OSHA To Open Injury Data Portal Aug 1

OSHA announced recently that they will begin accepting the OSHA 300A information on it’s portal beginning Aug 1. You will recall this information was originally due in July this year but with the new administration, the deadline was delayed indefinitely. Earlier this month, OSHA announced a proposed rule change and new deadline for this data of December 1. The proposed rule asked for comment on the entire data collection process that became effective last year. As part of a couple of coalitions we are part of comments were submitted last week.

Our advice at this point is delay reporting your information until we get much closer to December 1. The reason for this is that since the comment period just closed, there is a possibility that the entire rule may be scrapped. We certainly hope that it is eliminated but there is no guarantee. The other reason is that the first version of anything like this may have issues. No need to be a beta tester for a new platform. Finally, the administration has not named a new head of OSHA yet but one should be named (and hopefully confirmed) in September. This could change the whole picture.

As this process and evolves, we will keep you up to date. If you stay tuned to this blog we will send reminders out well before the deadline. If you would like to look at the platform after August 1, a link will be found on OSHA’s front page at www.osha.gov.