FDA Food Facility Biennial Registration Open

All facilities that supply feed for livestock or other animals must register with the FDA. This registration is the continuation of regulations on such facilities going back to post-9/11 actions. The most recent revisions are associated with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) several years ago.

FSMA carries with it a lot of other regulations that we’ve, so far, been able to have delayed. FDA said that gins and many other similar facilities will not have the full group of regulations such as Current Good Management Practices and detailed record keeping applied and use its regulatory discretion. We continue to work to keep gins from being over regulated in this arena.

Most gins have previously registered. If you registered before October 1, 2022, you need to renew your registration. There are a few extra steps this year for renewals and new registrations. Please follow the link below for FDA’s page on this registration.

When you fill this out, make sure you follow the path for “Suppliers of Food for Animals”. The only thing you should have to do is register or renew your registration.


We hope this isn’t too confusing. Just don’t let this registration slip by. The deadline for renewal is December 31, 2022.