Commodity Conditions Need Monitoring

It may be a bit late for this post and we haven’t received any calls but there are a few things that we should probably be thinking about this summer. No matter what the harvest conditions, bales and seed are things that need to be monitored as they are shipped.

Rarely do we have widespread issues with bale or seed condition in the Southeast. When issues arise, the are normally localized and worked out between the broker and the gin. We just wanted to put out a reminder to everyone that bales and seed should be watched closely this summer if you have any left to ship. The heat of the summer is when we see problems arise with excess moisture from the Fall.

We haven’t heard of any widespread problems this year but it would be a good idea to make extra inspections of your warehouses and bale condition. Likewise, monitoring seed quality this time of year is highly recommended. It is around mid Summer that we have seen most of our seed fires and out of condition seed problems.

Good communication between the gin and the buyer or broker/merchant is the BEST way to avoid problems for everyone.

Have a Great Summer.