>SC Immigration Rule Becomes Effective in July

>In 2008 the South Carolina legislature passed a strong immigration control measure that will affect all employers in the state by this July 1. The law went in to effect a year ago for employers of more than 100 people but the vast majority of the employers in the state will feel the brunt of this new law beginning on July 1, 2010. That is when all employers, large or small, will have a choice to make: Hire only those workers from an approved list of states or run all new hires through the e-Verify program.

The department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR) is the agency that is charged with enforcing this new rule. An interesting article in the State newspaper recently showed how serious they LLR officers will be when enforcing this new rules (http://www.llr.state.sc.us/AboutUs/MediaCenter/News/2010/index.asp?file=immigration_audits.htm). Essentially all employers will be audited at some point in the future.

The Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association will be holding a seminar in June to discuss the issues regarding this new law and it’s affect on the ginning industry in the state. Details are being worked out at this time. For more information, follow the link above or contact our home office.