Things to Think About When Contracting

Well, its been a while since we’ve put anything on the blog. It’s not that we’ve been lazy its just that it seems like this is the season that just doesn’t want to get started. Very little has been ginned in the region and as I write this, we are trying to dry out from a good bit of rain that moved through the region and we are awaiting Hurricane Zeta to make landfall.

It seems we have a fair number of new folks running gins this year and we’ve gotten a few calls on some similar issues in the past few weeks. One of the issues I’ve gotten questions on is forward contracts and on-call contracts. I really didn’t expect much in the way of questions on contracting and it certainly isn’t my forte. Of all years, we seem to have the least amount of contracted cotton out there this year which is why I didn’t expect many.

First of all, I’m not an attorney and nothing in this article should be construed as legal advice. I’m just putting this out there for educational purposes and hopefully to make sure no one gets caught by something in a contract. Everyone should go into these agreements with eyes open. We cannot review a contract to help you understand it. That is legal advice. Attorneys get paid a lot more than we do for a reason.

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Georgia Ag Labor Relations Forum Goes Virtual

Each year, the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Association holds a labor relations forum. This forum brings speakers from many aspects of agricultural labor from regulators to farm labor contractors (FLC’s) to attorneys for employers to discuss anything and everything affecting the ag community.

The forum is geared toward the produce and fruit industries but as we have become more reliant on migrant workers and more gins have had to resort to desperate measures to find labor, our interests are running together. This year’s forum has gone virtual.

Normally held in October/November each year and held in Tifton, this forum is not typically friendly to gin participation. The organizers have elected to make this a virtual meeting in light of Covid and it is spread out over a longer period. This may give you (our membership) more opportunity to listen in and participate.

This is the second year we have been a sponsor of this forum. It is a good opportunity to learn more about how other industries are dealing with the legal and regulatory aspects of migrant labor and H2A.

You can find more information at

New Seed Cotton Moisture Publication From CI

Cotton Incorporated has recently posted a new publication aimed at helping producers understand the impact of seed cotton moisture on their bottom line. The article can be found on the Cotton Cultivated portion of Cotton Inc.’s site.

We’ve had more than our fair share of tropical impacts in the past few years and the importance of seed cotton moisture has really had a roll in the quality of the Southeastern Cotton. Please download this article and distribute it to your producers as we really get cranking on this year’s harvest. We need to thank Ed Barnes at CI and the many staff of the gin labs for contributing to this timely article.

Passing Jerry Davis of Hawkinsville, GA

It’s with a heavy heart that we pass along the news of the passing of Jerry Davis, recently retired, of the Heart of Georgia Gin in Hawkinsville. Jerry was a long time and strong supporter of this association and loved the ginning industry. When you talked to Jerry his eyes would light up about cotton. Jerry will be laid to rest this Sunday, October 11 at 2PM with services being held at the Broad Street Baptist Church in Hawkinsville. Clark Funeral Home in Hawkinsville are handling the arrangements.

US Trust Protocol Enters Phase II

From The NCC

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol is excited to officially move into phase two and is recruiting new U.S. growers for enrollment. The Trust Protocol works to ensure the future of U.S. cotton by helping growers tell their sustainability story and ultimately assure Brands and Retailers that they can purchase U.S. Cotton with even greater confidence, knowing that it is grown more sustainably and verified by third-party audit. 

Beginning today. the Trust Protocol is running webinars through September 25 to provide details and help gins and coops in signing up growers in this important program.  The webinars will provide details on why the Trust Protocol is important in a period of ever greater supply chain scrutiny and how growers can quickly and easily join the Trust Protocol.  

The link below will provide a schedule of these webinars and allow you to register.   Please note that beginning September 29, separate sessions will begin for growers, and you are also welcome to attend one of those sessions as well.  Please register to learn more about the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol.   Join us by clicking one of the times below that fits your schedule, and add it to your calendar. 

All information on registration and Scheduling can be found HERE.

Passing of Allen Hudson

It is with deep sadness that we have lost another of our members. Allen Hudson of the Quality Gin in Dunn, North Carolina passed away on Sunday after a very long and brave battle with a lung infection.

Allen had been a supporter of the industry and organization his entire adult life. He had been a director to the association as long as I can remember only taking time off when the term limits required it.

Allen’s obituary can be found HERE. Our deepest sympathies go to Allen’s family. He will be missed by more than they know. Our organization is richer because Allen took to the time to be leader. Services will be tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16.