Georgia Gin Safety Round Tables Well Attended

The AgriTrust of Georgia and the Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association again put on two Ginners Safety Round Tables. This year the sessions were held at the Heart of Georgia Gin in Hawkinsville and Sconyers Gin in Sycamore.

Topics covered in this year’s Round Tables included Fork Lift and Warehouse demonstrations by MacKinnon Equipment Services, Personal Protective Equipment by Josh White with the AgriTrust, Maintenance and Off-Season Repair safety led by Jackson Hammack (Early County Gin) at Hawkinsville and Lupe Alonzo (Mobley Gin) and Rick Riley (Sconyers Gin and Whse) at Sconyers, and two Lock-out Sessions with Kirby Bailey of Safe Workforce Development and Andy Knowlton of the Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association.¬†Additionally, the Continue reading

OSHA Revises Online Reporting of Injury Data

In a change that was largely expected, the Department of Labor published a proposed change to their Electronic Reporting Rule that requires large employers and smaller employers in certain high risk segments to report OSHA 300 data. The changes would rescind the previous requirement that the larger employers (over 250 employees) had to submit OSHA 300 form information as well as OSHA 300A (summary) data.

Assuming the changes become final in a few weeks, the larger employers and small employers would only have to submit the Summary 300A data. The concern is that the OSHA 300 data contains information Continue reading

TAMA Releases New Round Module Wrap Poster

As was discussed at some of the gin schools and other places, TAMA, the manufacturer of the wrap that John Deere Round Module pickers use for seedcotton modules has developed an indicator that will help with proper cut locations. Since the wrap was first introduced, there has been some consternation as to where the plastic needs to be cut or not cut to minimize the plastic contamination from the tail or loose non-tacky wrap.

TAMA has introduced a cut indicator on the tape that connects the inner wrap and the outer wrap. This cut line shows through the outter wrap. It indicates that you should cut no Continue reading

Farm Bill Passes the Senate

The FarmBill easily passed the Senate last evening. With the House’s bill passing last week, the bills will now go to Conference Committee. The discussion will likely center around SNAP and reducing other costs around the entitlement program.

With the passage of the Farm Bill, and FSA’s beginning to transition to seedcotton away from the generic base, it appears that cotton is on track to be a full player once again in the farm program.

The only Southeastern Senator to vote against the bill was Senator Burr from NC. Only eleven voted against the bill and all were Republican.

Two Immigration Reform Bills Fail to Pass

In a little over a week, Congress has yet again failed to pass immigration reform measures. Last week, the House took up a bill know as the Goodlatte bill after the chairman of the Judiciary Committee Mr. Goodlatte. The bill had a number of reforms to immigration law and continued to evolve right up to the vote. Most significantly the bill contained Mr. Goodlatte’s Ag Act which was aimed at major changes in temporary guest workers for agriculture.

This week, the House again defeated a bill known as the Speakers Compromise Bill. This bill was mostly aimed at Border Security and the DACA recipients. It took a tough stance on the Continue reading

Reminder: OSHA 300A Log Summary Due Soon

We are a little over a week until many businesses must submit their OSHA 300A logs electronically. Earlier this year, OSHA clarified that even employers in “state-plan states” that haven’t adopted the rule need to submit their data electronically this year.

Gins that have 20 or more employees at any point in the year will need to follow the links below to submit your data. Start with the OSHA record keeping page and make sure you Continue reading