Gin Designations and Uploading PBI Data

The following Memo is from the National Cotton Ginners Association

Gin Designations and the Uploading of PBI Data October 26, 2021

This memo discusses various ways that gins can be involved in the US Cotton Trust Protocol (USCTP). You likely have been made aware that gins, as a show of support, can sign up to be members of USCTP so that you can be counted as a supporter of USCTP and can receive e-mails and information. However, some gins are more involved in the marketing process. Gins that assist producers in marketing their cotton may take title and, therefore, are the aggregator for the producer’s bales. In this instance, the gin would be designated as the marketer to upload the PBI data into the USCTP platform. Additionally, the gin also would assist the desktop reviews with the growers who are protocol members.

In some situations, grower protocol members may want to designate the gin as their marketer to upload the PBI data to the USCTP platform. In this case, the gin does not need to take title as described above and can upload the data as prescribed by the producer. The gin is merely designating the gin as a marketer as a service to the producers. The gin also would have to agree to conduct desktop reviews.

USCTP members will be eligible to receive a redistribution of income that is to be paid no earlier than the fall of 2022. For the services as outlined above, gins may take a share of the redistribution of income. This amount is contingent upon the net revenue that the brands and retailers generate by the uptake of consumption units.

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