OSHA Clarifies Earlier Rules on Drug Testing and Incentives

Way back in 2016 (before the election) OSHA published a pretty comprehensive rule that affected many, if not all, businesses in the US. The rule was fairly controversial initially but not for the stated purpose of the rule. The rule was the electronic reporting rule that required all large and many small companies (including cotton gins) to report their OSHA 300 data to the agency each year. Included in that rule, almost as an afterthought, were two additional rules that dealt with incentive programs and drug testing as they play a roll in timely reporting of injuries by employees.

The additional rules known as the anti-retaliation rules, initially barred employers from post Continue reading

OSHA Revises Online Reporting of Injury Data

In a change that was largely expected, the Department of Labor published a proposed change to their Electronic Reporting Rule that requires large employers and smaller employers in certain high risk segments to report OSHA 300 data. The changes would rescind the previous requirement that the larger employers (over 250 employees) had to submit OSHA 300 form information as well as OSHA 300A (summary) data.

Assuming the changes become final in a few weeks, the larger employers and small employers would only have to submit the Summary 300A data. The concern is that the OSHA 300 data contains information Continue reading

Reminder: OSHA 300A Log Summary Due Soon

We are a little over a week until many businesses must submit their OSHA 300A logs electronically. Earlier this year, OSHA clarified that even employers in “state-plan states” that haven’t adopted the rule need to submit their data electronically this year.

Gins that have 20 or more employees at any point in the year will need to follow the links below to submit your data. Start with the OSHA record keeping page and make sure you Continue reading

OSHA Will Continue to Accept 2016 OSHA 300A’s A Few More Days

For the past few weeks we’ve written articles and sent reminders that the deadline to submit your OSHA 300A form electronically was December 15th. OSHA has said they will continue to accept data for 2016 through December 31, 2017. So… IF you have not send in your information, please do so. More information can be found in this blog or by visiting the OSHA site on the electronic submission.

OSHA has not extended the deadline but all indications are that the late submissions will not have enforcement action because of them. They will no longer accept 2016 data after the end of this year so failing to submit your data by then would likely end up in an enforcement action if discovered.

In other OSHA activity, OSHA is considering some changes to its policy on these electronic Continue reading